Joyce L. Gioia, MSTh.


At the age of 38, Joyce realized there was more to life than sales and marketing, profit and loss. She encountered a long-time friend who was studying at a very unusual seminary. It was called The New Seminary and at the end of the term of study, graduates were ordained as interfaith ministers with the privilege of performing weddings.

In June of 1986, Joyce was ordained. Now, as a self-described multifaith minister, Joyce bonds numerous couples a year - mostly of diverse backgrounds.

She has been featured in the New York Times for two special weddings: The first was a baseball wedding which was performed at homeplate on a baseball diamond in The Bronx. After the pronouncement, Joyce had the audience and wedding party join hands and sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The second was a Moslem wedding, complete with readings from the Koran and a pronouncement in Arabic. She has even received editorial coverage for her special Divorce Ceremonies.

Joyce also coaches individuals and business teams to success. In addition to serving on the faculty of Coach University, she serves a number of clients as a professional coach. On radio and television, she is most often called upon to talk about, Keeping the Love Alive.

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