Joyce L. Gioia, MSTh.

Customized Wedding Ceremonies

Joyce's ceremonies are unique in many ways. Joyce is very flexible. Besides working with couples to determine what they want in their customized ceremonies, she can include foreign languages or special ceremonies which involve the families.

Joyce literally customizes her ceremonies to the couple, including as much or as little religion as is appropriate. She particularly enjoys blending the liturgies in ways that everyone feels honored and no one is offended. Joyce is fond of saying, "It's your wedding, not mine, so what you want is what you get." Whatever the couple wants stays in; whatever they don't want is immediately eliminated. Once the couple has spoken with Joyce in-person or on the telephone to choose what they would like to include, Joyce creates a draft of the ceremony then FAXes, e-mails or modems it to the couple for their feedback and changes. The process is not complete until the couple is delighted with the ceremony. After the wedding each couple receives the transcript of their unique wedding to enjoy as a special keepsake for years to come.


Besides English, Joyce speaks French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Besides these languages, her weddings have included Hebrew, Latin, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Sanskrit, Ebo, Swahili, Polish, Arabic, Romanian and Italian.

Involve The Families

Joyce enjoys involving the families in her unique ceremonies. Offering opportunities for the parents and/or children to share the (white) wine or grape juice in the Wine Ceremony, Joyce speaks about how the families will also "share in the lives of the bride and groom in years to come." If there are children from a previous marriage, often the couple will elect to include a Family Medallion Ceremony. This "new" option provides beautiful medallions for each of the children and speaks about the formation of a new entity, this new family which includes them.

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