Joyce L. Gioia, MSTh.

The New Seminary

The seminary Joyce attended is called "The New Seminary;" its Executive Director is Rabbi Joseph Gelberman. Rabbi Gelberman, who fled Nazi Germany in the early 40's, developed the concept of the seminary from some public conversations he had with Swami Satchidinanda, the father of Integral Yoga. The evenings were called "The Swami and the Rabbi," and they were held at a famous church in New York City. The two wise men spent entire evenings focusing on the similarities between Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.

On the Board of Directors of The New Seminary are a Reform Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest, a former Roman Catholic priest, a Methodist minister, an initiated Shaman, a disciple of Swami Satchidinanda, a representative of Islam, a Sufi master, and the list goes on. The slogan for the seminary is "Never instead of, always in addition to." The logo has the Jewish tree of life with symbols for Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and The Goddess tradition. The words printed underneath the logo are "God is one."

Can you imagine the positive effect on the world if everyone understood that we are all worshipping the same God? There would be no more "holy wars." No more prejudice. No more religiously motivated terrorism. People would live together in harmony. The world would be a different place.

For more information call Roger Ross at 212-222-1475.

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